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I come to you from an internet cafe in Pune less than a block away from our convent.  There are no nuns in our convent.  It is just us.  The keyboard I am typing on is not in the best condition, so I apologize for any typos that I do not catch.  Seriously, my entire left hand is wobbly and hard to push down and urgggh.

Quick thoughts:

Travel was good.  I only watched one movie (Salt) and a lot of How I Met Your Mother.  Also I slept a lot.  India is not as pretty as I expected it to be.  It is very dusty.  Clothes is gorgeous.  An Indian boy is reading over my shoulder right now.  Still reading.  We had our first devotional last night.  It freaked me out (See #2.)  I should know Hindi.  I don’t like traveling places and being unable to communicate.  I think that when a person travels places it is a good idea to go with a program where you are volunteering, working, or traveling for fun.  Traveling to improve yourself, so far, seems imbecilic.  I’m going to have to spend more time focused on myself than others, which I don’t like.

Ok.  So I have not been here for very long yet, but there are already a few things that I am worried about.

1.  I am here with a Christian program, and although I consider myself an essentially Christian person (most of the time:  insert longwinded comment about struggles and questions here) I do not have visions and I do not hear the voice of God and Christianity although a part of my life is not at the core of every word that comes out of my mouth.  This is not true for quite a few of the other people who are here.  Hmm.  I think I accidentally continued this one in #3.  I am trying to write this quickly, so if you get confused it’s because I’m not writing it in order and won’t have time to read it over when I finish.  There are a lot of people waiting for computers, and this kid reading over my shoulder is making me nervous.  Haha.

2.  I don’t know what the point of this program is.  It is supposed to be focused on discipleship, but discipleship means different things for different people.  I am afraid that we are going to be rudely aggressive, and I can simply not do that.  Last night one at our devotional the person who brought us “the word” (oh christian jargon…welcome back to my life) talked about how when people do yoga they are calling on a demonic spirit, which is completely false and presumptious and made me want to pull my hair out piece by painful piece.  The only problem is that our “speaker” is himself Indian, so I can’t fault him for being euro-centric or anything like that.  I’m just stuck really hating what he said.

3.  The people here worry me a wee bit.  For the most part they’re really sweet and have good hearts, but they are also a lot more religious than I am.  No further comment on that one for the moment.

4.  I want to spend time learning about India and the culture and religions here, but I don’t know how much of an opportunity for that there will be.  We were let out of the convent today, but they seem really nervous about letting us explore, and that bothers me a lot.  I am in India and I want to experience, oh, I don’t know…India?

PS.  Last night during our devotional we could hear the call to pray for the Muslims and it was SO PRETTY.  I think God wants me to be Muslim.  Heehee. 🙂  (Hi Mooom!  Wouldn’t you love it if I came back from a Christian discipleship program converted to a different religion?)


8 Responses to Christian Programs…

  1. Laura says:

    I’m sorry the whole discipleship thing isn’t going well. Yoga is used to “call on a demonic spirit?” Wow. You’ve only been there a few days though. Hopefully the other people in your group will surprise you and won’t be aggressively Christian. As for experiening the culture and religion, you’re going to be there for four months, right? I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to do some exploring, and even if your group discourages it…pfft. Just sneak out. Catch up on all the rebelling you missed out on as a teenager. And hey, God could want you to be Muslim. He’s the same God you worship in Christianity, so I don’t think he’d mind you worshipping him from a different perspective. 🙂

    MISS YOU!!!!

    • tertiaryhep says:

      Miss you, too, lady.

      And all your little comments make me smile. Luckily, it is getting better. It looks like this could be a wonderful experience after all…the only problem is that we haven’t actually started the program itself, yet. We’ve just had a lot of superawesome free time and devotionals every night. 🙂

  2. Vicki says:

    yo holy. i tend to blitz, hence all my comments on your blog and fb page today. don’t worry, the lack of comments that will follow for the next few weeks will make up for all the stalking now. j.k. i mean, j.k. if it makes you feel better.

    couple thoughts.
    -we did a yoga event at our church recently, and someone raised concerns. i understand, because i had those same concerns about practicing something rooted in a fundamentally different spirituality. however, i thought about paul’s words, telling the christian church not to sweat food sacrificed to idols because heck, their consciences were clean. that being said, i think that context makes a huge difference. most americans for instance can make fun of voodoo, but you would NEVER attempt to do that when attending a haitian church. likewise, i think that christians’ relationship to yoga in india SHOULD be quite different than what we can do with it in a non-hindu majority culture like america. shrug, just a thought.

    -NOT imbicilic to gain from this trip more for yourself than for others. though i know you’re not on a missions trip, short term missions trips pretty much do the same thing – in fact, it probably assists the trip and those served overall if the sending team accept that and train the team accordingly. hey man, this is a ridiculous once-a-lifetime kinda trip, and you will only be there three months…probably better to just accept the gains/losses you will experience there rather than put too much pressure on yourself for the 3 mos.

    those are just some thoughts, but you know about your experience more than i do, i.e. i could be way off base on this stuff, and if so, please forgive! i can picture you in the warm dusty weather at the cafe…

    send me some warmth. fricking 5 below here.

    • tertiaryhep says:

      I love stalkers, so I don’t think I can be worried about you being one for one day out of your life. My generation loves to know that someone’s paying attention, after all, 🙂

      You definitely raise some good points about the yoga thing. It is very true that there is a significantly different perspective on many things here in India, and I try to be aware of that reality.

      I’m sending some of my sunburn over your way. Can you feel it? 🙂

  3. judy peterson says:

    It was good to hear what you have done, heard, and experienced since leaving North America. I do miss you and pray often for you! (You missed the -24 degree temperatures in MN this week . . . perhaps that will cool you a bit from the much warmer Indian temperatures.) Take care! Love, mom

    • tertiaryhep says:

      I love you, Mum, and definitely appreciate the prayers. Gotta say, though, knowing that it has been -24 in MN makes me VERY grateful to be here in India. 🙂 Mmm! Sunshine!

  4. In the grand scheme of things, we are all related. I don’t agree with the Yoga evil spirit thing. I rode over 1200 miles down the western coast and at times I was praying for strength and at other times I slipped into my yoga meditation. In the end, when it was finished, I realized my spirituality. Be safe. Joey

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