Church, bannanagrams and other things.

So here in India we have been enjoying sunshine and conversation and games and food…which is great, but I am impatient for “school” to start, because I want to know if I will be able to stomach the kind of education they provide.  The glimpses of their philosophy, especially of the evangelistic variety, have been really difficult for me, because they fall so far away from where I am mentally, spiritually, etc. Other than that things have been great lately, mostly because we aren’t really doing anything.  Literally.  Mostly we play bannanagrams and cards.

We went to an Indian church north of Pune (poo-nah, sorry, the other Americans were no better at pronouncing the name of the city than I was), which was a lot of fun.  The church was a lot more community oriented ni its service than any church I’ve ever seen in the States.  The pastor gave the messages and a few announcements (I think, I can’t actually understand Hindi), but every thing else was done by the congregation.  My favorite part was a part of the service where anyone in the congregation could go up to the front and sing a song (the band would figure out what they were singing and jam out with the singer) or make a prayer request or update the congregation on a request they had made before.  It probably took up 3/4 of the service, and it was SO GOOD.  It felt so much more worshipful.

Today one of the Indian girls took some of us out shopping.  I thought India would be great because you buy fabric instead of outfits and then get them tailored.  Unfortunately, you buy the fabric first and then bring it to your tailor.  My tailor looked at how much fabric I brought and laughed because I am so much taller than what she needed.  Great.  Good.  Etc.  Oh well.  I will soon have a pair of pants and a shirt.  I also bought a pineapple, a watch (I was really tempted to get a Puma knockoff, which is really popular around here…there’s poma, pumma, pama…so many choices!), a pair of pants and Indian icecream.  Pretty sure the ice cream was a bad idea, but before I left I was told that everyone who goes to India will at least once get so sick that they are certain they will die, so I figure I may as well give my immune system a challenge every now and then. (Just kidding, I’m being safe.)

As a PS to all y’all out there…before I left a lot of jokes were made about my finding my soul mate somewhere here in India and I said that I don’t find Indian dudes all that attractive.  Mind changed.  I do not know what Indians I was thinking of, but holy GEE…there are some super attractive dudeskies here.

For those of you who are interested in my Christian/religious development:

Last night during our devotional I had a bit of a revelation, which had nothing at all to do with what was being said.  I was looking around the circle at the people who I am starting to know and saw both the things that I do and do not like about each of them and smiled, feeling completely at peace and in love with everything about all of them.  I think that perhaps that is what it is to be a Christian.  When we can look at all of the people we encounter as they are, faults included, and love them all the more intensely for them, that is when we know we are on the right path.  After all, isn’t that how Jesus lived?  He ate and drank with people no one else would waste their time on.  (Not saying that I think anyone in this program is a waste of time…I’m actually starting to like everyone.)

Perhaps to be a Christian all that one has to do is love everyone they encounter because they know who they are.  Forget conversion, forget condemnation.  Leave the judging to the afterlife and just focus on loving.

Dunno.  Thoughts?


11 Responses to Church, bannanagrams and other things.

  1. Vicki says:

    oh em gee. i’m totally taken aback by that last paragraph. my soul feels a little stunned to have “witnessed” it even through reading – not because it’s you, but because of what you said and the way you said it. yeesh. you really do have a way, too, btw, of being able to see right into people, i have to say. that was totally apparent at j2m2.

    that’s one of those meditate-on-it-for-a-lifetime thoughts. i’ll be noshing…

  2. Laura says:

    I think you’ve summed up what Christianity is about (or should be about) perfectly. 🙂

    What was so bad about Indian ice cream?

  3. What exactly are you doing over there?

    • tertiaryhep says:

      studying. i’m here with a three month long christian discipleship program. i feel a little bit out of place, but it’s really interesting, regardless.

  4. Evie says:

    great entry hollers! i like reading your thoughts and think you are spot on with your last tidbit. why waste time judging when all anyone wants is to be loved, right?

  5. hep ii says:

    Love your entries,hep iii – please keep them coming! Miss you – glad you are where you are… 🙂

  6. hep ii says:

    Sister – where and how are you? Would love to read an update when you have a chance!

    • tertiaryhep says:

      we just got to mumbai/bombay yesterday. it is beautiful and i love it so far. 🙂 i’ll try to put in an update now…we’ll see how long i can convince my people to stay here at the internet cafe. 🙂

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