So much has happened!

It’s getting harder to make it to the internet cafe on free days.  It’s so much more appealing to spend the day browsing shops on MG Road or exploring temples or even just spending a little bit of time lounging on the terrace and watching all the Indians go by.  (Except on the days that the terrace smells like pee, which happens a lot more often than I would like it to.)   Regardless, I would like very much to try to give you a concise etailed summary of what has happened since I last updated:

I got sick.  It was very likely only heat exhaustion, but I spent one evening vomiting up the delicious Indian food I’d eaten just hours before.  It was gross.  I now have a cold, which I am imagining will turn into malaria, because evidently that sometimes happens and I’ve gotten a lot of mosquito bites.  I was told that the risk of malaria was really low in the areas where we are, though, so I’m probably just being paranoid.  Surprise, surprise.

Acts29 (the program I’m here with) annoys me more and more every day.  There is a very strong belief in spiritual warfare and demons and demonic forces being the operating forces behind the miracles that happen in other religions, which is something I struggle a lot with.  Having had personal experience with “prayer does not provide miracles” I have a hard time believing in that idea anyways, but even moreso when I am told that positive miraculous happenings that are not attached to Christianity are of the devil.  That does not compute.

The computer I am on has really sticky keys and is making my hands hurt.  Ow, ow, ow.  Just thought you’d like to know.

I gave my testimony about a week ago, because all of us had to.  It was rough, because I don’t think that everyone was as honest as they should have been.  The idea behind the program that we are in is that we will create a community of disciples, and in order to do that I believe that we need to know each other very well, ie we must trust each other with every important detail of our walks with Christ, regardless of whether those stories are easy to share or not.  Very few people made that commitment, and I almost didn’t.  I thought, though, that by clearly sharing everything I might be able to inspire others to do the same.  Wrong.  However, I consider my testimony a success because everyone laughed a lot.  Although at the end the laughs kind of dried up, despite the continued presence of jokes.  Something about my crying in the middle of the testimony must’ve scared them off.  Suckas.  😛

The other day we went to a youth conference at a local church.  It was a lot of fun and it totally reminded me of summer camp back in the day.  There was a lot of crazy dancing and singing.  Whootie whoo.  Funny thing is, though, that it didn’t have the spiritual high that I always attached to stuff like that back in the day.  That’s probably not funny, actually.  It’s just a reality.

Prayer:  We had “three straight days of prayer” last week, which, although not strictly enforced or followed offered a really good opportunity for all of us to spend time reading our bibles, reflecting and praying.  Everyone signed up for hour long slots…we weren’t all praying for three days straight.  I found it to be a really enjoyable time and it made me feel really at peace.  On the first day I made a list of things that I should repent for, and then did that, which is a really good way to figure out what parts of your life you want to fix or pay closer attention to.  On the second day I wrote a prayer letter and made the rule that I could not pray for myself, only others, and that was especially cool because it wound up being personal prayers for each of my family members.  It’s also really refreshing because I, at least, spend so much time thinking about myself, that it was a really nice shift to instead think only of others for an entire hour and to look out for their interests.  On my final night I prayed for all of the participants of Acts29.  I sat on a mattress and quietly murmured the prayer which, amazingly, actually took up my full hour.  Granted, there are 24 or so of us, but it was amazing that forcing myself to say the words out loud instead of just letting them run through my head made it take so much longer…and feel so much more sincere and worthwhile.

Ok.  That’s a lot to read so I’ll leave you with that.  I miss home a lot more than I usually do so if you consider yourself a friend or a family member to me…I send you lots of love.  🙂


4 Responses to So much has happened!

  1. Joseph Hamilton says:

    What are your goals with this trip?
    The only true comfort I find is the solace of prayer and quiet meditation.


  2. Laura says:

    I’m sorry you were sick. 😦 What was your testimony about?

    • tertiaryhep says:

      my life? i think that’s what testimonies are usually about. everyone really liked mine, though, so we’ll arrive at places and they ask me to share randomly. needless to say, i have developed an easy, tear-free, actually quite humorous version of my testimony. it’s baller.

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