The Important Stuff or Whatever.

Ok. So as soon as I wrote that title I returned to facebook and re-logged in to facebook because I don’t really feel like talking about the real reasons I’m here.  I’d rather talk about meeting people by the ocean and about how sick I feel right now and how despite that, I really wish we were doing more and seeing more on the days that we have off.  I suppose I’m part of the problem in that, but I would really like to get at least a little familiar with Mumbai/Bombay before we leave forever.

Ok.  So we are not just in Mumbai to take a break from Acts29.  We are visiting Hindustani Covenant Churches while we’re here, and also visiting schools in child labor projects to interact with the kids.  It feels like we just visit briefly and leave, which doesn’t seem that helpful to me.  Granted, the kids are laughing and smiling and interacting with us while we’re there, but is such a brief period of joy worth the effort?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad that we help them feel happy for a little bit, but is is an American and a couple Swedes and a couple Indians really that much better than the Indians who usually come and who can actually speak to the children?

Yesterday we went to a gigantic trash heap outside of Mumbai, which is a slum area where mostly Muslims live and spent time with the kids.  I really enjoyed them.  We played games and told stories.  (I told the story of the 3 Little Pigs, which Supriya translated for me, which I later found out they couldn’t even SAY because they cannot say the word pig at this part of the year?  Or something like that.  It was messed up, and made me once again feel guilty and too much of an outsider to be helpful.)

We also visited a youth/prayer group called New Life Fellowship, and they were awesome.  I love to be around people who are worshipping with everything that they have and these people were doing just that.  There is something very beautiful.  I love sincerity, however it manifests itself, and especially when it manifests itself around something I don’t quite understand.

Well my group is leaving now.   Tata.


2 Responses to The Important Stuff or Whatever.

  1. Vicki says:

    you shouldn’t feel guilty. so feel guilty now about feeling guilty, dammit. j.k.

    just as you appreciate sincerity i know that others appreciate it as well. it’s a universally recognized currency. and i know those kids saw how much you wanted to connect with them when you told them about the 3 p*****s (hee hee. never thought it could be a bad word. and did i just make a culturally insensitive joke?). in fact i could see your face and excitement as soon as i read it.

    regarding being helpful, i don’t think you guys can or will be, given your situation (short term), so i think you’re right, in a sense. the indians who normally do the work are just as “helpful” as you are. the indigenous workers will be there next year, and so will the children, but you won’t. and so with the parameters of your trip, i don’t think it’s selfish but rather totally appropriate to instead wonder what YOU are getting out of your time at the various ministries you’re visiting. i know, call me a selfish…pig.

    missing you just thinking about you. hope you’re well.

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