Spreading the Macarena…I Mean Gospel

People like to dance in India.  And, most of the time, they are really good at dancing.  There are kids who dance so well that I kind of feel like I’m watching that video that momentarily lit up youtube with outraged mothers.  You know the one…a bunch of adorable little girls dancing to a trashy song in a trashy way in, shall we say, trashy outfits…I believe black and red lingerie was involved.  What I’m trying to say is that I’m fricking intimidated, yo.  Especially because after they go up front and dance the Sheila dance (someone google it for me please, and tell me about it.  lyrics:  “my name is sheila.  sheila giovanni.  i’m too sexy for you”) they tell me to show them a dance.  I’ve defaulted to teaching them the macarena, because it’s the only teachable “american” dance that I can ever think of.  And it’s actually really fun.  Instead of spreading Jesus Christ I am spreading the joy of modernized, un-Southernized line dances.  Hoofrickingra.

In other news, if you hear about a white girl falling out of a train to her death in the Mumbai area within the next week or so, it is probably me.  Please write songs for my funerals and paint pictures artistically depicting the event.  That would be awesome.  Here in Mumbai a lot of young men ride the trains (none of which have closing doors) by holding on to something inside and then hanging out the door.  I do that now, too.  It’s cramped on the seats (four in places that comfortably sit three) and you can’t really see anything out of the windows because they’re all covered in chicken wire.  Not at all interesting, imho.  Also you can’t beat the feeling of the sun on your skin, and rollercoaster wind in your hair…and if the speed isn’t enough for you, every once in a while a train get a little too close on the side or you almost run into a post or a rock wall.  I love it.  100%  I wonder if I could get away with riding trains like that Stateside.  I think most of their doors close automatically, unfortunately.

I’m still sick, which sucks, but I’m getting better, slowly but surely.  Slowly being the keyword, surely being the optimistic one.  It’s been a week, yo.  I’m ready to be better.

Hm.  Is there anything else that all y’all should know?  Commenting has dropped off, despite my posting several days in a row instead of once every two weeks, so I think we’ll leave it at that, and the rest of my thoughts can sit in my journal.  Take that.

(Rewind it back.)


12 Responses to Spreading the Macarena…I Mean Gospel

  1. Evie says:

    I am still reading!! So you are traveling a lot, eh? Are these long train rides so you are seeing much of the country??

  2. hep ii says:

    And I am still reading, too! Love the visual of you hanging out of the trains – wish someone could snap a photo of that (not you, of course, as you are obviously occupied hanging on and taking in the fullness of the experience!). What are relationships with the other group participants like? Is everyone feeling some degree of restlessness to integrate a bit more with the culture? Love you, hep iii – thanks again for the updates!

    • tertiaryhep says:

      Wish you were here, sister. I bet you’d love hanging out of the trains well.

      Yeah. Everyone is struggling a bit with the culture. Some more than others. I think I’m on the more tolerant end, unfortunately. Merf.

  3. sarah says:

    im still reading too seester. i just like getting personal notes better haha. you rock. and seriously hearing your voice made my day today! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  4. Laura says:

    Whoa, I have catching up to do. I stopped checking here every day after a few weeks of no updates and suddenly there are three days in a row of posts. YAY! Aaaanyway, you could teach them the Cha Cha slide. That’s the only other American dance I can think of. And the instructions are in the song, so that’s convenient.

    Please, do not fall out of a train to your death. That might put a damper on our camping plans. WHO WILL I BUY TIN CAMPING WINE GLASSES WITH, HOLLY!?

    I hope you’re feeling all better by now! I’d hate for you to be sick the whole time you’re in India.

    • tertiaryhep says:

      Hahahaa. I am glad you are back to checking, though. I don’t think I know the chacha slide. I think I’ll teach the cupid shuffle now. Awesome.

      I forgot about the tin wine glasses. That will be so much fun! Yaaaaay!

  5. Laura says:

    The cha cha slide is the one they played at all the high school dances. “Sliiiiide to the left! Sliiiide to the right!”

  6. Richard says:

    Finally got around to reading a post–so many! I hope to read them all, after school this summer.
    So, I googled “Sheila Dance too sexy for you.” The Dec. 9, 2010 Calcutta Telegraph says it is from “Katrina Kaif gyrating to “Sheila ki jawani” in the [movie?] Tees Maar Khan promos…. Bold and racy, the Vishal-Shekhar track seems to have caught the fancy of the city getting into festive mood…. Sheila from Farah Khan’s December 24 release is getting the ladies to shake it like never before. DJs agree that the song in Sunidhi Chauhan’s husky voice is almost a rage. ‘Sheila ki jawani has just hit the popularity charts and I think it will become a bigger hit once the movie releases,’ says DJ Harish, who is playing the track at every private party. And he’s betting big on Sheila keeping Calcutta on its toes through the last weeks of the year…. [T]he women love Sheila…too, what with lyrics (by Vishal Dadlani) like ‘I’m too sexy for you/ main tere haath na aani (you won’t get me).'”

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, and good luck in the next few months! 🙂 –Richard

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