What’s the plan, flan?

I’m really frustrated right now, so today you don’t get a real entry, you get a rant.

My life is stupid.

I have several jobs, none of which give me much joy or many hours.  It’s frustrating to technically be employed by a bunch of different people or companies but not actually have anything to do most of the time.  I’m busyish on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Sometimes I get work on Friday or Saturday, but not often.  Also, because I’m employed by so many different companies (many of which are promo agencies) my schedules start to overlap because a company will ask if I want to work on a given day, I’ll say yes and then not hear from them for a week and a half and then they ask me to confirm my availability a few days before the event happens.  Um, hello?  I am trying to stay out of the red here, so, no, actually, I took a job from a different company but you PAY BETTER so now I’m pissed off at both of you and me.

It also turns out that my plan for college has wrecked itself.  It has gone from “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can finish in two years and we’ll get you to Oxford if you’d like” to “Actually it’ll take 2.5 years for a BS in Liberal Arts and Oxford is definitely a go” to “LAWL/APRIL FOOLS/SURPRISE you need to be here for 3 years if you want to go to Oxford and I hope you know that we are having special meetings about your schedule to make sure that you can finish in 2.5 years because that is  VERY special circumstance.”  Just be consistent.

Also my plan to house sit instead of rent is falling through as well.  I haven’t been really good about putting my feelers out for it (Friday blog post detailing this plan better) but everything just feels futile and probably not successful right now.

Whenever I feel like I am putting stuff together and making my life work, it all gets ruined and stupid.



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