I Bin Bad

Sowwy, nonexistent readers…I am sure that you have been outrageously disappointed that I haven’t blogged recently. I know I said I would blog three times weekly and I got your hopes up.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you faithfully checked my blog, only to be consistently and outrageously disappointed.  You probably shed a tear or two.  Perhaps you swore at your computer as though it were to blame for my inability to follow through on my resolutiony promises.

The truth is that I’ve been busy.

The other truth is that that is a bad excuse.  But, since it was the beginning of a new semester I gave myself a bye as I readjusted my schedule and tried to figure out how to pack my life into a mere 24 hours a day.

Since this is a Monday and Mondays are whatevawhateveIdowhatIwant days I am gonna do just that.


My first Monday back in Chicago I hopped a bus to Hyde park with the same amount of excitement that helped my pillow-wielding almost-ten-year-old self accidentally break the ceiling light on the eve of her tenth birthday.  I had three somebodies who I had missed sorely while I was in Minnesota and I wasn’t going to keep them out of my life for any longer than I had to.  We go for long walks on the beach or around the block and sometimes I throw things they want across a field and they bring them back.

In case you weren’t aware, my Mum is a Super Mom and, as such, has come to Chicago every weekend since we got here so she could see the last of my sister’s basketball games.  I’ve followed suit and trekked up to the north side to hang out and watch basketball a few times as well.  We eat good Swedish food for breakfast and good Chicagoan pizza for dinner and talk about ourselves and each other.  Sometimes I take pictures of us that make it look like I party with my Mum, even though we’re just sitting in the bleachers at a basketball game.

We also pay attention to the games and yell at the refs when the baby sister is on the wrong end of a foul.  Yay basketball!

Unfortunately, last Saturday she returned to Minnesota for the last time.  The streak is over, which is too bad, because it was so much fun to catch up with her every weekend.

Sisteepoo and I scored tickets to a Bulls game because we kind of know Dwane Casey (really, we only kind of know him, but I wish we knew him better because he’s AWESOME and REALLY NICE.)  This is him yelling at his team.

We saw beautiful swishes and dunks and I took lots of bad pictures and a few good ones.  This is one of the good ones.

Toronto lost, but we cheered for them anyways.  We were definitely in the minority cheering for Toronto on Chicago turf.  Did I mention that I got to go with my BABY SISTER?

Because I am broke and have an aversion to accruing debt, even in the somehow acceptable form of student loans, I have been hitting up sittercity like a crazy person looking for work.  I found a couple different families who I really liked and needed childcare on Fridays, which are no school days for me.  After my interviews one of the families invited me over for a trial babysitting job.  We made cake and I learned that if you love sprinkles, but are too much of an adult to put the amount of sprinkles that you want on your cake, you should just give them to a three year old without explaining the concept of “sprinkling”.  Best cake ever.

This cake was supposed to be for my Mom, but I squished it on my way home and I didn’t think it could survive another hour and a half up to the north side, so I ate it and sent her this picture so she could enjoy it vicariously.

I start babysitting them forrealsies on Friday.  Yay!

Also, Katherine and I celebrated her big 2-1 this weekend.  Because Katherine takes offense to the fact that I do not wear stage makeup on a daily basis like she does, she beautified my face and then we hit Maria’s.  Going off some advice from my friend Ian I bought her a drink called a one-up.  It sucked, which proves that going out on a limb and trying something new is always a bad idea.  Haha.  I kids!  I jokes!

Then she got an Amaretto Sour (my drink of choice since 2011…that’ll sound more impressive in a few years) and everything was great again.

And then (because we party rock) we went to Cheesies and ate grilled cheese sandwiches instead of going dancing like normal single 20 somethings.  In all seriousness, that place is probably my favorite place to eat in all Chicago.

We couldn’t finish.  Too much delicious for one stomach.

Stories without pictures:

Vicki and I drank tea (black tea with almond milk for me and bubble tea for Vicki) and ate pan fried noodles and talked about the church and behavioral patterns she notices in women who shop at Vera Bradley.

I flattened my bike’s tires by trying to ride on a freezing day without refilling my tires with air.  The air pressure was not what it should have been and now they busted.

I wandered into Harold Washington Library for the first time and touched as many books as I could before hiding in a corner and reading a poorly written mystery novel about a kind of skanky screenwriter who has an attitude problem and a gay roommate.  300 some pages in a couple hours.  I can speed read like nobody’s bizniz now.

I started new classes, one of which makes me feel stupid on a daily basis for no good reason.  Another class is challenging and fun and actually has homework (not just reading), which I’ve realized is something I have missed.  The third class feels like trying to play doubles tennis with people who are really fricking good at tennis and really fricking oblivious to the fact that there are other people who are trying to play with them.

I took part in a small group that was supposed to be about social justice and wound up being a possibly unnecessary call to action.  And possibly futile as it was only me and the leader of the group there.  Whoot?

Alexis and I have started exploring churches in Chicago.  We started at Willow Creek, which is in a beautiful building and is otherwise unimpressive.

I’ve been to the Art Institute a few times and bought cards for cheap so I can write my weekly letters on pretty things instead of on notebook paper.

Katherine and I are working out pretty much every day and I already feel stronger, faster, fatter.  Hee.  Fatter.  Funny how you notice your body more when you are doing something for your body on a daily basis.

I also had one of the greatest study sessions ever the other day.  9 hours long, very little done, but there was spaghetti and chocolate ice cream and there were jokes and stories told about Wayside school, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Goosebumps and things that have nothing to do with pop culture.

So yeah, I bin busy.


5 Responses to I Bin Bad

  1. judy says:

    Great photos (you were brave to even put in the one of the two of us which was not good of you) and fun words about all you’ve done the last weeks! You are a delight!

  2. lyricsninja says:

    your cake idea… is brilliant! im so letting a 3 year old do the sprinkling!

  3. Heather says:

    Fun to read, Hollyops! Love from another of those nonexistent readers… 🙂

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