Wandering Wednesdays are OVER

Wednesdays are not going to be Wandering Wednesdays anymore because my camera is broken, courtesy of my most recent guest.  Who sucks, in case he was wondering.

I have a couple Wandering Wednesdays that are backlogged, so I’ll try to put those up in the next couple weeks.  I have a cememtery and an abandoned building.  I’m going to wander the sewers with a friend this weekend, so I was hoping to take pictures of that, too, but…broken camera = no pictures.  So I’ll just keep that little adventure to MYSELF, thankyouverymuch.

In happy news when I went to Best Buy to get my camera fixed and was told it was a $30 fee just to get it sent out and that they couldn’t possibly estimate how much it would cost to fix m’baby on top of that I bought myself a pity gift.  Aaaaaand I have headphones again!  They are SICK.  I got me some ironmans so now I can listen to music while I work out and ride the bus and dance by m’self in m’bedroom.

School is crazy hectic this semester, which is a sentiment shared by pretty much everyone I’ve talked to at Shimer.  In fact, I should be in class right now but yesterday I got (another) really bad headache.   According to Doctor Google my headaches have not been migraines like I have been saying, but they are tension headaches.  Which sounds lame in comparison and is also just a little on the pathetic side because it essentially boils down to:

Holly stressed.
Holly no admit she stressed.
Body of Holly tries to get her attention.
Holly no listen.
Body of Holly pretends there are nails stabbing Holly’s brain.
Holly pays attention.

So I decided to listen to Doctor Google and I gave myself the day off today.  I sent an email to my facilitators and told them all about my headache and then hopped a train downtown.  This morning I hung out in Millennium Park and tried to write a pro-slavery essay (I find it disturbingly difficult to write an essay arguing for something I don’t believe in) and then went to Hyde Park to walk my puppies.  Now I’m back downtown sitting in what should be the most pretentious cafe ever and blocking out their Top 40 music with my NIN.  Yes, I should probably change my music to Django.

Seriously, though?  You cannot name a coffee shop the Cafe Descartes and then play Top 40 music…and this is coming from someone who fricking loves Top 40 music.  You are trying to mix oil and water, here, peoples.  And it is not working for you.

I just drank a penguin.  Which is not what is sounds like.  I consider myself a relatively adventurous person, but if someone were to hang me a foaming, lukewarm, bloodred drink and told me it was a penguin I would probably gag and then throw up on them and their drink.  A penguin is an overpriced drink made of dark and white chocolate and espresso blended up with ice cubes and milk.  Delicious.  My next drink with be the Oatmeal Latte because that sounds AWESOME.

Ok.  I have a paper and a sestina to write.

Also, for those of us who are keeping track at home I am 2/2 on the blogging this week.

Yay me!


Oatmeal Lattes lie pretty much exactly halfway between “zomg this is the most disgusting beverage I have ever spent money on” and “this oatmeal is DELICIOUS”.  So if you average the two it’s a pretty average drink, but if you take each at face value it is a pretty extreme experience.  And one that I do not think I would actually recommend to anyone.

Who puts oatmeal and coffee together?  In the same cup?  Yugh.


Refrigerator Poetry

My roommate Alexis brought her magnetic poetry to the apartment after Christmas break.

It is the most fun you can have waiting for a pot of water to boil.

We write interesting, nonsensical sentences:
















And morbid poems:











(Me…I also did the ‘I am juice’ in the corner. :D)






And vaguely environmentally conscious poems:



(Me…”telled” would be “told” if that word was in the kit.)





And cute, quirky poems:








Sad poems:

















And Grocery Lists:




(Team Effort)







But this is my favorite thing on the fridge.

Little sister ballin’ it up to my commentary.










Like I said…most fun you can have waiting for the water to boil.

Apologies for any formatting issues…wordpress is not being my friend today.  Mrargh.