Refrigerator Poetry

My roommate Alexis brought her magnetic poetry to the apartment after Christmas break.

It is the most fun you can have waiting for a pot of water to boil.

We write interesting, nonsensical sentences:
















And morbid poems:











(Me…I also did the ‘I am juice’ in the corner. :D)






And vaguely environmentally conscious poems:



(Me…”telled” would be “told” if that word was in the kit.)





And cute, quirky poems:








Sad poems:

















And Grocery Lists:




(Team Effort)







But this is my favorite thing on the fridge.

Little sister ballin’ it up to my commentary.










Like I said…most fun you can have waiting for the water to boil.

Apologies for any formatting issues…wordpress is not being my friend today.  Mrargh.


3 Responses to Refrigerator Poetry

  1. lyricsninja says:

    i have some magnetic fun. except the ones on my fridge are fill in the blanks. its stuff like _____ the neigibor or mow the ____. people fill those in with the most ridiculous things. and its simply awesome.

  2. judy says:

    Thanks! It is always fun to read what you are thinking . . . and today it is the random poetics of you and one of your roommates! Love the words put to the photo as well! 🙂

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