500 Word Formality

This is nothing but a 500 word formality.

Two of my “daily” goals for today are as follows:

1)  Write 500 words.
2)  Blog

The 500 words is an every day goal and, technically speaking, if one were to include emails and words I doodle on papers and Facebook comments, I probably hit 500 words around noon.  But those unilaterally do not count because there is no intention behind them and part of what makes 500 words a day a worth goal is that I have to actually reserve a chunk of time to sit in front of my computer and clunk out 500 words.  It isn’t hard.

But it is what I just did there times five, so it’s not exactly easy either.

The blogging part is actually a triweekly goal.  Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays, I believe.

It isn’t as hard to write a blog three times a week as I thought it would be.  Last week went down without a hitch.

For the last several years I have been convinced that I no longer have enough stuff to talk about to write one blog a week, much less three, so it has been surprising to sit down to blog and immediately have something to say every time.

That said, I have been questioning the usefulness of blogging three times a week.

For one, I don’t want my blog to get spammy.  I don’t want people to get tired of seeing that I posted.  Three isn’t a big number, but it’s big enough.

Secondly, I think my time might be better spent writing the fictional pieces that I’ve started and abandoned.  I could be writing articles to submit to paying sources.  I could be writing the pitches to those books that I supposedly really want to write, but have left simmering on a back burner for the last year.  I could write some more poetry, too, although something tells me that my focus on word count might make poetry a difficult thing to write while aiming at 500+ words.

It’s just a hunch.

I think I will cut down my weekly blogging to two posts a week for now.  Cutting it immediately down to one seems too drastic.  It would feel like I was giving up on something, even though I really don’t think I am.  I’m just realizing that there are more valuable ways that I can exercise my writing than by talking to an audience of friends and family who will not, much as they love me, give me any money for reading what I write.  🙂  Love yas.

It crossed my mind to start that change today and not post a blog.  But it seemed like such a cop out to delete a to-do list from my Habit RPG a couple hours before it was due.  Even though I knew full well that I have spent the last few days thinking about changing my blogging schedule, it felt way too harried to change that schedule a couple hours before the to-do list was set to expire.

And that explains this entry.  In 514 words or less.  Not less.  Exactly, actually.


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