I suppose I’m a woman by now, but I still consider myself a girl.  If Ernest Hemingway is to be believed, America is full of children masquerading as adults all the way to the grave anyways, because we never properly experience those bits of life that make us grow up.

My interests are the same as anyone’s, because there are only so many interests out there, and the categories are so broad these days…music, books, travel, movies, television, the outdoors.

Let me get more specific:

Music that makes me feel something or makes me dance.  I like songs that make me want to curl up in a ball and hide under my bed in a fit of depression and songs that make me want to seizure myself across a room, like no one else exists, but me and the bass line.

I like books that make me think, that use beautiful language, that challenge me, that teach me, that take regular old life and turn it into something beautiful.

I like going somewhere I’ve never been and meeting people who are eerily similar and beautiful different from people back home.  I like experiencing new kinds of beauty that could only be found somewhere far from home.  I like the act of leaving.  I like the act of coming back.

I like movies that look like art and ones that are excessively violent or aimed at children.

I like television that makes me laugh…and sometimes has a point.

I like everything about being outside.  I like stars that look like spilled glitter and all the faces of the sun, from the white-hot to the rosy pink.  I like trees and mountains and oceans and lakes and rivers and everything in between.  I like the smell of the world after it rains and the way humidity feels on skin.  I like rain that drenches everything in its path in seconds flat and the noises a forest offers up to anyone that listens.  I like the crash of calving glaciers.


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  1. You are on a grand adventure. Live every minute fully. Remember how blessed we are.

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